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Who We Are

CO-CREATE (Community-driven Optimization of COVID-19 testing to Reach and Engage underserved Areas for Testing Equity—in Women and Children) is one of the RADx-UP projects funded by the NIH. CO-CREATE is a partnership between UC San Diego, San Ysidro Health, and the Global Arc.


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Our Mission

COVID testing equity for women, children, and their communities.

What We Do

We are conducting a study to understand the challenges and supports involved in getting tested for COVID-19 in the San Ysidro community, and to use what we learn to design strategies to make it easier to get tested for COVID-19.

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Step 1: The Survey

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Step 2: The Test

Step 3: Repeat

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Step 1: The Survey

SYHealth Patients and Staff MASKED

Step 1 is a survey on your opinions and experiences with COVID-19.

We will ask you to complete a survey that will take 15 minutes to collect information about who you are, if you had any recent contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19, how you feel about vaccines, and other COVID-19 related questions.


The information from the study will be used to offer testing for COVID-19 in a new, more convenient way and to understand how this new testing program affects the spread of COVID-19 in communities.

This step is not required for receiving a COVID-19 test.

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Step 2: The Test

Step 2 is the COVID-19 test.

Our staff will show you how to show you how to collect your own sample and watch you collect it.

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Step 3: Repeat

You can get tested up to 60 times as a participant of this study

Every test is free and you do not need to have symptoms to be tested. Before receiving an additional test, you will be asked to complete a short follow-up survey.


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The RADx-UP CO-CREATE project is funded by a supplement to a grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIH/NIEHS P42ES010337-19S2).