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You do not need to live in San Ysidro to be eligible for testing. However, you will need to provide a US address of residence in order to get a test.

Do I or my family members need to live in San Ysidro to be eligible for testing?

The first time you come to the CO-CREATE testing site and enroll in the study, the survey will take about 15 minutes to complete on your phone, tablet or paper. For any returning visits you will complete a shorter survey that should only take 5 minutes.

How long will the survey take?

The nasal swab test is designed for all ages to comfortably do.

What ages can be tested?

The antigen test is another COVID testing method that detects specific proteins from the virus however it is not as sensitive as the PCR test and there is a higher chance of false negatives (

What is the difference between antigen testing and PCR testing?

Testing samples are picked up at the end of each day and sent to the UCSD Excite Lab for processing. Once results are processed in the labs, results must be sent back to study staff to enter in your health chart. Once study staff has received these results, we will call you. This process takes up to 24 hours.

Why does it take 24 hours to receive my results?

Within 24 hours of your test, you will receive a call from a study staff member with your positive results. During this call you will receive additional information and how to schedule an appointment with your PCP if you choose. If I have a PCP outside of SYH, you will need to contact him/her for an appointment.

How soon after I get my positive result do I need to see a PCP?

When you register as a SYH patient you can receive your vaccination through SYH once your tier becomes available.

Can I get my vaccine through San Ysidro Health?

Do I have to have symptoms to be tested?

No. Testing is important even if you do not have symptoms.

If you prefer not to answer questions on the survey you can skip them.

What if I don’t want to take the survey at my returning testing visits?

Who is taking the testing sample?

You will be instructed on how to self-administer the testing sample. If you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, please let a Study Staff member know and he/she can take the sample for you.

What type of test will I get?

The nasal swab test is a PCR test. PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction. This is a type of test that can detect genetic material of the COVID virus from respiratory material found in your nose (

How many times can I come back to get tested?

You can come back for free testing up to 59 times

If I have a positive result, but I don’t have a primary care physician, how will I get an appointment?

If you want care through SYH and you do not have PCP, SYH can assign one for you. You will have to call the main SYH number (619-662-4100) to set up.

Yes, we are now offering Rapid Antigen Testing at CO-CREATE. 

Do you offer Rapid Antigen Testing?

You do not need to have insurance to get tested.

Do I need insurance to be able to get tested?

Testing will take 5 minutes

How long will testing take?

Yes, if you do not feel comfortable testing yourself or your child, let a Study Staff member know and he/she will be able to take the sample for you.

Will a staff member be able to help me test my child if I don’t feel comfortable doing it?

No appointment is needed.

Do I have to make an appointment for future tests?

Anyone who wants to be tested through this CO-CREATE mobile testing site must register as a SYH patient, even if another family member is already registered.

If I am registered as a SYH do my other family members who come with me to the testing site also have to be registered to get the test?

A participant will be contacted up to 3 times to return results.

How many times will a participant be contacted to return results?

Do I have to pay for testing?

No, all testing visits are free of charge.

How long will registration take?

It will take about 10 minutes to register as a SYH patient.

If I am under 18, do I need a parent/ guardian to give me permission to get tested?

Yes, you will need a parent/guardian to sign the consent form.

What if I have a positive result?

A licensed medical professional will call you within 24 hours of your test and will help answer any of your questions. You will also be given instructions on how to make an appointment with your primary care physician.

Why do I have to register as a SYH patient in order to get the test?

In order to process your sample and return your results, you will need to be registered as an SYH patient.

Will any of my personal information be shared with immigration officials?

No, none of your information will be shared outside of the research staff.
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